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About Jill

I have been leading and inspiring teams and individuals for over 25 years.    I believe that if you lead People, it is your responsibility to give them meaningful work to do and the tools to achieve their objectives. Successful business owners know that human capital is their most precious resource and that People need to be trusted, nurtured and honored for their contribution to the organization.    If you treat your people with respect and recognize their gifts, they will exceed your expectations every time.

25 years in financial services and healthcare technology have taught me that no matter what the industry, effective leadership is critical to the success of any organization.   I have led teams of five People and five hundred People and the philosophy doesn’t change. Care for your People and they will care for your business and your customers. The return on investment is enormous when you invest in the people who hold the success of your organization in their hands.   

Professional Profile

2014 to 2019 Executive Director of Client Support athenahealth

2012 to 2014 Sales Executive Wausau Financial

2007 to 2012 SVP of Operations/CEO FISC Solutions

1993 to 2007 People Leader MBNA America

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Our Values

  • We believe in doing all things with humanity

  • We believe that work should be challenging but joyful

  • We believe that high fives and hugs are the life blood of a team

  • We believe that anyone can be a leader

  • We believe in laughing at work, a lot

  • We believe that giant goals can be achieved through teamwork and dedication

  • We believe that every employee of every organization deserves to be trusted, honored, loved and respected