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I have always been terrified by uncertainty. I like things neat, tidy and certain. We all find comfort in the predictable right? At the present time, my professional life is soooooooo far from tidy and certain. The questions can be mildly terrifying. What if this thing doesn't work? What if it does? Sheesh! I think that's why I have always gravitated toward roles in the conventional corporate arena. It has always felt safer there. But really, is it? I have many of friends at institutional companies right now dealing with colossal uncertainty. They aren't sure where the company is going and if they are going along for the ride. More importantly, they aren't sure if they WANT to go along for the ride. I find myself counseling them on embracing the uncertainty and focusing on what they can control rather than what they want to control. I only pray that I am somewhat helpful to them.

I quote the immortal Mick Jagger, who said "you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need." That quote is resonating with me so much lately. Bottom line, if one month ago, someone had said to me, "in 30 days you will no longer be working here," I would have had a panic attack of epic proportions and I am pretty sure on the verge of emotional collapse. But today, sitting here in my home office plotting and planning my future, I can't imagine being anywhere else. At the risk of being trite, everything happens for a reason friends and sometimes the shift happens with a little help from the universe to propel us to do the things we would be too terrified to do sitting in our safe little havens of our current situation. I have no doubt that I am already in the position where I am saying, "thank goodness that happened so I can get on with what I am really passionate about!"

Queen Brene Brown calls this thing "the unraveling." I love that. Let the unraveling begin.

People may call what happens at midlife 'a crisis,' but it's not. It's an unraveling—a time when you feel a desperate pull to live the life you want to live, not the one you're 'supposed' to live.” Don't fight loving yourself. You deserve all the love you can muster.” -B.Brown

If you subscribe to my blog, in the coming weeks you will hear more about the launch of inspireal Maine, this wacky brainchild of mine, focusing on all manner of personal, business and leadership coaching. I'll work with small to mid-sized business (think 25 - 100 employees) helping them identify their shared vision and mission and creating company cultures to achieve their goals. I am so passionate about this concept. I really think that I can help small businesses to get organized and real about employee engagement so they can realize the value of investing in people as their greatest resource. Can I get an AMEN? I will also be offering my services as a leadership coach to senior leaders who are looking to raise their game as a leader. From my experience, many leaders have gotten to their roles because they have amazing technical, process engineering or strategic ability. Sometimes, the soft and gooey people stuff just isn't their core competency. That's where I come in. I want to help leaders develop a toolkit of initiatives and efforts that will allow them to invest in their people and see the ROI of that investment in the form of engaged, high producing people who would never dream of leaving. Love your people and they will love their job. Period.

Finally the third arm of this inspireal trifecta is group coaching for women. I am putting together some talks specifically for women who are looking to get through barriers both personally and professionally. We will be talking a lot about intention and goal setting. I know so many women who have ideas about what they want their life to be but they are terrified to articulate it. I want to be a catalyst for women to be fearless and committed to executing on their goals. Intrigued? Drop me a DM and I will make sure you are in the loop on this piece.

Phew, that's a lot. So anyone who thinks I am sitting around here at 6 Whitmore watching The Price is Right every day and having coffee with friends would be WRONG! There is a lot of shit going on here and I hope you will come along for the ride.

So keep coming back for my blog, that I will be posting twice weekly for more inspiration and information. This is just the beginning.

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