events & personal coaching


I believe with all of my heart that it is every woman’s job to mentor and help other women!  inspirealwomen events bring women from all walks of life together for discussion, fellowship and inspiration.    We host regular events for women on a variety of topics:

Goal Setting and Intention

Quieting Your Inner Critic

Communicating with Confidence

Finding Joy


Starting Over After a Loss

inspireal events are not lectures.   We are truly crowdsourcing knowledge and inspiration from the participants.    Through interactive discussion, we can share ideas and walk away a few knowledge nuggets which just might change our perspective and maybe our life!


Personal Coaching

I help women set meaningful goals and create the action plans to achieve them.    We all have goals we want to achieve but sometimes, we need help developing and executing a plan to bring them to fruition. I can work with you to clearly articulate and write down your goals and then develop a plan to achieve them.   I help you to stay accountable and accomplished on your journey and it doesn’t cost a small fortune.

I’m not a cheerleader and you're not going to get a bunch of hokey hallmark BS from me. Planning and execution, that’s what I am all about.   And it will be fun, I promise!