Thank you for visiting me at the Maine women’s conference!

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 Greetings Friend!

Wow! What a great conference!    It was truly empowering to be surrounded by 500 powerful Maine women all focused on growth and development.   

How do we keep this going?  How can we stay as inspired every day as we are right now?    I have a couple of ideas and I invite you to join me as I try to keep the spirit alive long after the conference is over! 

1.       Want to make the last 90 days of 2019 your best 90 days of the year? Join our “Final Quarter” challenge group.

Here’s how it works: Pick a goal you want to achieve in the last 90 days of the year. Develop a plan to achieve it. It could be to give up dairy or to get the next promotion at work. It’s your goal, and belongs to nobody else. Now, join a group of women in fellowship and collaboration as we support each other toward achieving our goals. Click the button below for more information!

2.       If you’re from the midcoast area, or even if you’re not, join me next week at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast for an exciting women’s workshop, “Quieting Your Inner Critic.”

Who among us hasn’t wanted to tell the negative committee in our head to sit down and shut up? Let’s get together and talk about ways to get our inner negative Nelly to pipe down so we can pursue our best life. The workshop will take place on Thursday September 26th from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. Hope to see you there!

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4. Ok, this one is super easy! Follow me on instagram so you can have access to my daily inspiration, as well as adorable pictures of my doggie. Let’s connect on all kinds of social media. Click the links on the bottom of the page!

5. Need leadership coaching for you or your business? Let’s talk. Today could be the start of something really awesome.

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