Leadership Consulting & Culture Development

We work with leaders to create an aspirational vision of company culture and develop plans to engage all employees in development and implementation of team and culture building.  Our goal is to assist organizations in identifying the health of the current work environment and determine how to improve the environment to inspire employees to achieve exceptional results.   

We begin with a Culture Assessment via roundtables with employees to understand underlying assumptions and identify strengths and challenges of the current culture. Team building exercises and group activities are used to create new culture goals and action plans toward achievement of those goals. We provide consulting on avenues to promote teamwork and healthy company culture via communication plans, company events, company swag and other approaches. We can help bring the culture of your company to the highest levels.

Team Building Development & Facilitation

The key to building a cohesive, high performing team is trust and respect.  Employees come from all walks of life with different backgrounds and experience that they bring to their work.    The key is to unlock shared experiences and build camaraderie, while building team trust in each other and the organization.  Our full day and half day team building workshops focus on informative and entertaining activities that provide employees with an opportunity to work together toward shared objectives.  Our workshops are tailored to your business to ensure engagement and relevance for all participants.

Professional Coaching

We provide mentoring and coaching to senior leaders in the following areas:

  • Organizational Strategy

  • Creating Meaningful Goals & Objectives

  • Performance Coaching

  • Effective Meeting Facilitation

  • Communicating to Achieve Results

Professional Development Education

We help develop meaningful professional development training tailored to the needs of your team. We utilize “educate the educator” approach to allow your team to become self sufficient in delivering courses to your employees on an ongoing basis. Sample topics include:

  • Developing Your Professional Brand

  • Business Writing for Impact

  • Effective Meetings

  • Time Management

  • Tactical V. Strategic Thinking

  • Performance Management for Managers